Why to sale throughout partners

Distribution Channel benefits

In the early days of a company, using a distribution channel is regarded as an extra cost and a way to lose control over the sales process. However, the globalization implies the necessity of a distribution network.

Why distributors are good:

  • They can handle the clients locally
  • They have the best knowledge of their market
  • They usually have a sales force that can handle sales requests as you would do it
  • You can’t handle sales in 50 or so countries, but you can handle distributors in 50 countries
  • Knowledge of the local financial/commercial/legal system
  • They handle some of the sales costs
  • Distributors will bring into the partnership their own value and market position
  • Contracts with distributors will put you in a better position and a legally safer environment than handling each client separately
  • You will take advantage of the commercial and logistic knowledge of the distributor
  • A distributor will be able to offer a more flexible proposal to a local client
  • International distribution networks will handle the clients in their local language