Success Story from Filipino Entrepreneur

I’ve got this interesting story from Margie Quimpo-Espino at Philippine Daily Inquirer about a 25 years young entrepreneur Allan Capulong that managed to turn around his father’s real estate business and make it a success.

The story shows how Allan managed to get past his familly previous un-successful ventures and turn the last one into a success just in time to avoid a new failure.

The first venture was a family owned housing development project in Cavite. “Even though members of the family had worked on the Cavite project for 10 years, they eventually were forced to abandon the venture.
We met all sorts of problems—political, internal, labor,” recalls Allan, who was still in elementary school when the development started.”

Following their bad experience in Cavite, the Capulongs opted to try their luck with another property in Pampanga. That too would start out to be a disappointment.

To find out how Allan turned this project into a success, follow the original article.