Smart Business – Advanced Home Technologies Brings Smart Homes into Houston Spotlight

If you know anything about Bill Gates’ smart home, you know smart home automation. If you don’t, here’s the scoop:

Bill Gates lives in a 66,000 square foot mansion. Temperatures, music and lighting adjust according to each guest. It also features a swimming pool with an underwater music system, heated floors and driveways, and a multitude of incredible rooms.

In other words, Gates has the most awesome smart home – and most awesome man cave- ever.

And when the richest person in the world has the most awesome man cave ever, and  when THAT person decides that his environment must be a smart home, automated to follow every command, you know that the smart home has landed in global culture.

It’s not just Bill Gates. Every Sunday night, more than 20 million Americans plop down on their couches and in their backyards to watch endless hours of 300 pound men juking and jiving on 100 yard battlegrounds. Many of them watch on a big screen TV in a custom AC environment.

This is the age of smarter living, with homes that do what you need, when you need it… giving rise to the smart home automation industry.

It’s no wonder that this revolution has touched Houston, TX, one of the most prosperous American cities in the last ten years. And in Houston, Advanced Home Technologies (AHT) is leading the way in creating smart home technologies that change lives.

Smart home technologies range from timing temperature changes in your house to watching TV through clear star glass to providing for grandparents and other elderly persons at home as a solution for elder care.

The bigger the need, the smarter the home.

AHT provides total home control, and nothing is off limits. The company has solutions for elder care, AV equipment, lighting, security, energy management, climate control, child monitoring. You name it, they have it.

If you are a Houstonian, then you know how prevalent elder care needs are in our city. Many Houston residents are elderly or have elderly parents. Elder care in Houston, TX is strong, and AHT provides multiple solutions for elder care needs in relation to the home. They provide unnoticed sensors that track the elderly within a controlled wireless network so you are aware of their daily routine and can take better care of them. This information is monitored and sends out an alert if a risky break in routine occurs, keeping you aware of potential issues with your loved ones. AHT commits to customer service in the field as well, especially when it comes to special needs and disabilities elder care, making them a good option.

If you are concerned about your children, the company takes care of them, too. AHT child monitoring allows for watching over young children, monitoring caregivers, or making sure older children get home safely from school. This keeps children safe and gives you the same piece of mind as the elder care services do, but for a different age bracket.

Most smart home services are more general than age-specific though. Whether you want to keep your house cool during the day or temperate for sleep, climate control is a useful tool to have so you can keep everyone in the household happy. It also lowers your electricity bill, and keeps you financially comfortable , too.

Similarly, security systems and home security installation protects any modern house. But that installation comes with the type of service that leaves you feeling secure. Knowing every bell and whistle of your security system separates your security company from the rest.

And who can forget the fun, family time side of the equation? From custom AV to home theater, AHT brings its customers sight and sound features that turn sports telecasts into live events and movies into fantastic realities.

Each of these services contribute to the new landscape of homes: locations that can be bent to the will of the people who live there for the betterment of the residents and the community. While not everyone can have an apartment-sized dining room or underwater music system, we can all be more comfortable in our environment. We can all take better care of the elderly and our children. We can all have smarter homes. We can all have a better, freer world.

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