A review of all grow lighting systems for Hydroponics and growing microgreens

It’s quite hard to decide upon the different lighting systems in Hydroponics or microgreens growing. There is always a balance between costs, results and the actual individual setup and situation.

The good news is that I found a video that explains all the lighting options available for both home and commercial users. The guys at www.monstergardens.com talk about:

  • high intensity discharge (HID)
  • high pressure sodium (HPS)
  • metal halide (MH)
  • double ended high pressure sodium (DE-HPS)
  • fluorescents (T5, T8, T12)
  • compact fluorescents lights (CFL)
  • induction fluorescent
  • light emitting diode (LED)
  • light emitting plasma (LEP)
  • light emitting ceramics (LEC)

Here it is:

PS: if you are a beginner probably the best way to go would be the cheapest T5 you can find at any store. Then you can optimize and invest some more 🙂