Report finds EcoAware Moms $1.45 Trillion Market opportunity

The report which is based on the EcoFocus 2010 US Trend Survey of 4,000+ Americans ages18-65 years, presents a powerful new archetype for 21st century Moms. According to the new Report, the EcoAware Moms market includes more than 51 million women, 69% of Moms, and has more than $1.45 trillion in buying power.

“EcoAware Moms are a receptive target market for sustainability. They are rethinking their decisions and often making new choices, creating unprecedented opportunities for businesses offering sustainable solutions for everyday living,” observes Linda Gilbert, CEO of EcoFocus.

“Mainstream consumers are starting to wonder why toothpaste is in a tube inside a box, and why packaging for plant-based cleaning products often doesn’t align to the purity of the contents. They are unsure of whether local or organic is the better choice, or if recycled paperboard can be recycled again. They are looking for help from retailers, manufacturers, and service providers to find and make better choices to meet their personal eco- friendly lifestyle goals and aspirations.”

According to the EcoFocus report, EcoAware Moms are a reflection of a parenting paradigm shift. Today’s parents are coming to regard eco-friendly choices as opportunities to improve their own quality of life, to set good examples and teach important behaviors to their children, and to leave a legacy for future generations.

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