Protecting mobile assets with vehicle tracking

For companies that use vehicles as part of their operation, or even rely on them completely, managing the fleet can become a difficult task. Keeping up with the latest legislation can become a job in itself.

For companies looking to improve their efficiency when it comes to managing their fleet, vehicle tracking systems might be the answer, using GPS and cellular advancements to keep tabs on mobile assets 24 hours a day.

One of the main problems for companies that use vehicles a lot in day to day business is their inappropriate use. Often, the insurance policies that companies take out on vehicles don’t protect the car for any damage which occurred whilst the vehicle is being used for personal purposes, and as such any injuries incurred by the employee in question will result in a rejection from most insurance companies when it comes to making a claim.

When tight deadlines are part of a firms operating schedule, for example in the case of delivery companies, vehicle tracking can be integral in increasing customer/client happiness and staff efficiency. Routing systems can be easily devised and managed through the combination of GPS and cellular tracking, avoiding busy highways, particularly expensive toll roads and unforeseen road works that waste time and ultimately money.

Of course when people think of vehicle tracking, the prevention of theft is probably one of the first things that come to mind. As well as general trackers on the vehicle which can alert companies if their vehicles go off route – avoiding one of the main ways in which cargo is stolen; by being driven to chop shop before having significant amounts of ‘merchandise’ is dropped off – trailers can be fitted with transmitters on locks, so that the relevant parties are alerted if a stock area in a vehicle is opened.

If the vehicle itself is stolen, then obviously recovery is made very easy with the installation of a GPS tracker, and for vehicles that are carrying loads which are likely to be hijacked, then a scout vehicle can be used to check up on assets that have been stood still at an unauthorised location for too long, which also increases safety for the driver.

With all these advantages, vehicle trackers are fast becoming a necessity for modern companies which rely on their mobile assets to do business. It is now possible to prevent and solve crime relating to vehicles more easily, lower insurance premiums and fuel costs, and increase efficiency with the implementation of this one technology.