Part time entrepreneurship

Being a part time entrepreneur for the past 3 and something years and a a blogger as well, gave me plenty of opportunities to see the goods and the bads and also summarize the experience in several posts along the way.

If you are looking to find out the advantages and disadvantages of moonlight entrepreneurship, there is plenty of information that you can google. Right now, I can point you to some articles I wrote before and a couple of new articles I found. Let’s start with my articles:

Talking about entrepreneurship on a generic note (so not necessarily as a part time experience) I’ve got some more articles to look for:

Now, I’ve said I’m going to also point you towards some new articles I found about part time entrepreneurship:

Donna Pacheco’s article Be A Part-Time Entrepreneur – Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Doing Your Business Part-Time.

Donnna is from Philippines and has a nice set of articles on entrepreneurship mostly geared towards inventor entrepreneurship. Let me comment what she says:

  • Being a part-time entrepreneur minimizes risks. Correct, it minimizes business risks, mostly because even if you go under you will still have the 9 to 5 paycheck at the end of the month. On the other hand however, it greatly increases the “family risk” – no more time for being a dad, mom, friend or husband. In fact you don’t get time for anything else that there is. Good news, you can usually cut TV and do your stuff instead. TV is evil!
  • A part-time business will help supplement your income. Yes, it should, but don’t expect mirracles from a part time business. It’s far more harder increase revenues from a business than prom the 9 to 5 paycheck. People fail to realise how hard is to make money with a business, and think that entrepreneurship will automatically make them rich (“I will get all the profit only for me”). Wrong.
  • A Part-time business is a way to channel your creativity. Sometimes the 9 to 5 job is indeed limiting creativity and building up frustration. Getting home and do whatever you feel like doing within your own company it’s usually a good way!

The second resource is Yanik Silver who actually wrote a book on Moonlighting on the Internet and he gives in this article a good overview on 5 Perfect ‘Spare-Time’ Online Businesses:

  • Information marketing.Ninety-two percent of people go online looking for information, and you could be one of the many people cashing in on selling it.
  • eBay: “One of the largest online marketplaces makes it a piece of cake to get your own business going. You can open an account and start making money within hours on eBay!”
  • Affiliate marketing. “you can get paid a referral commission just for sending people to sites (or vendors) that are set up to pay affiliate fees once a sale is made.”
  • Blogging. “This business is best suited for folks who enjoy communicating about a particular subject.”
  • Yahoo! Store: “This business is very similar to eBay in the sense that it’s a monster-sized marketplace but more similar to a store in the true sense of the word. “

Hmmmm. Ok.