Inspiration to start a new business – new interviews

I know that when you think about starting a business, you want to validate if becoming an entrepreneur is a good idea. Depending on how you look at it, you might either want to have good examples about entrepreneurs becoming successful in a way you also want to start, or bad examples of failures to validate that becoming an entrepreneur is risky and  you should keep your job. Either way, I thin that you will find these 3 interviews motivational:

  • Interview with Adonis Software, a young company doing mobile apps – it’s the typical software start-up – a few students starting to work from their University dorm to build the next big thing on mobile. What it took, the first few customers, plans for the future.
  • Houston Content Writer Daniel J. Cohen Entrepreneurship Interview – RedShift Writers is a Houston-based content writing agency founded by Daniel J. Cohen. Cohen, one of Houston’s leading content writers and rising entrepreneurs, stated the company in December of 2012. Today, RedShift has a small team of floating writers and content professionals capable of successful ongoing campaigns for a wide variety of clients.
  • Interview with SportPursuit – sports flash sales – going big on the flash sale concept and building a tremendous community of sports enthusiasts. A true story about following your passion.