About Cristian Dorobantescu

Edited 2nd of September 2007:

I was just thinking the other day, what people do really know about me? I did the “About Cristian Dorobantescu” page in March 2005, and now the “CV-like” look looks childish. Because I did so many things in the last years:

First, I’m a part time entrepreneur living in Bucharest, Romania. My moonlight company, Energybyte that I developed together with 2 partners does Web Design and starting the beginning of 2007 we also have a PR agency spin-off, called in progress.

While I’m not what Yaro Sarak would call a “professional blogger” I do enjoy writing the Small Business Entrepreneur blog, the Entrepreneur interviews blog and recently started with Small Business Web Design blog.

I’m also an occasional guest poster on Dane Carlson’s Business Opportunities Weblog and Shawn Hessinger’s Bootstrapme blog.

Besides being an “Internet Junkie”, I’m a great Honda motorcycle fan.

Original About Cristian Dorobantescu:

This is my first post, and I think I should say something about myself šŸ™‚

Let’s start with my CV:

Cristian Dorobantescu

– Work in a dynamic environment that provides excellent opportunities and personal challenges.


  • 2005-present: Founder and owner Energybyte
  • 2005– 2006: AVIRA – Area Sales Manager; Manage channel distribution for Eastern Europe
  • 2002 – 2005: InterAKT Online SRL – Team Manager; Manage an entire software development team; Collaborate with other Departments to the Sales and Marketing activities;Sustain the “client oriented” thinking throughout the company.
  • 2001 – 2002: Gerofest SA – Sales representative; Direct sales; Issuing offers and client negotiations in a highly competitive market.
  • Feb 2001 – Aug 2001 – Romtrans SA – Customs clerk; Took care of the custom formalities for local clients; Client Relations.


  • Business development (Distribution channel development in various countries)

    – Identifying potential distributors for software products.
    – Development and support of marketing and sales activities in the local markets.

  • Good Client communication skills:
    – Good sales speech based on a need oriented approach.
    – Surpass cultural differences.

    – Worked with International clients: USA, Australia, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Eastern Europe.

  • Direct or Distribution Channel sales:
    – Sustained all international commercial activities from receiving offers, accepting offers, re-negotiate offers to the final contracts.

    – Collaborate with the Sales Manager in creating Distribution Channels and Direct Sales.

  • Represent the Company at various Fairs in Romania
    – Presenting the Company.

    – Product presentations based on good communication skills with large audience.

  • Elaborate various marketing materials

    – Worked for various online/offline product presentations.
    – Participate in the creation of the Company portfolios.

    – Power point presentations.

    – Other marketing materials: Case Studies, market overviews.

  • Ability to elaborate complex offers based on a strict acceptance criteria

    – Participate in the issuing of various official offers for the Romanian Government or USA Governmental organizations.

    – Collaborate for the offers creation for very large companies.

  • Follow contracts in any aspects, from commercial to technical and legal details:
    – I’ve completed with my team a large number of contracts, from very small to huge 6 months contracts.
  • Execute various market researches for Software Products:
    – During my work, I’ve had numerous opportunities to investigate various markets for the company products or projects on a Worldwide scale.

    – Post Mortem analysis on the products development to determine the challenges encountered, misses and advantages.

  • Good Market Understanding:
    – Ability to elaborate various documents to compare products and product features: features matrix, SWOT analysis.
    – Make basic estimations and development plans based on statistical data.

    – Opted in for various marketing newsletter to keep in touch with the market trends.

    – Use various marketing research tools by creating online surveys, site traffic analysis or Google adWords.

  • Adapt to dynamic environments:
    – Respond to various clients demands when working on a big projects variety.
  • Good Understanding of the Company’s market position:
    – Elaborate various market strategies based on the actual position and desired result.

    – Participate in the creation of business plans.

  • Ability to work on different activity areas:
    – I’ve worked on projects, products development, sales and marketing, company branding and client relations.
    – Participate in acquiring the Intellectual Property Rights over the products.

    – Obtain Governmental loans.

    – Basic Web Technology understanding.

  • Proficient Management skills:
    – As a Project manager, I’ve led a 5 members team, including developers, testers or documentation writers.

    – Acting like a buffer between various management levels to ensure good communication.

    – Collaborate with various Company Departments to ensure the entire lifecycle of a product or project.
    – Good conflict management skills.

    – Conducted several times the hiring process for new personnel.

    – Enforcing Company values: organize various parties for the personnel and promoting the company brand amongst new comers.

  • Elaborate time management plans:
    – To ensure the delivery time for a product, I’ve put in place various excels or other time management tools that helped in the estimation and controlling of the entire activity.
    – Elaborate various processes to minimize a product failure risk by following a strict workflow.

    – Good time estimation skills based on risks assessment and management.

– 1996–2000 Universitatea Crestina Dimitrie Cantemir, Facultatea de Management Turistic si Comercial
– 2004- present Master: Programare si Servicii Web, Universitatea Bucuresti