Competitive Feasibility Fund for the Midlands Region 2012

The objective of the Competitive Feasibility Fund for the Midlands Region is to assist a new start-up company or individual entrepreneur to investigate the viability of a new significant growth orientated business or proposition to be located in the Midlands Region (counties Laois, Longford, Offaly and Westmeath) and which has the potential to become a High Potential Start Up (HPSU) company. These are companies that can develop scalable innovative technologies, products or services for sale on world markets. We are seeking to support projects that are likely to achieve significant growth in three to four years (sales of €1m per annum and employment of 10 or more) or where a company is required to have FDA or CE approval, to have €1million in sales within three years of approval to sell.

The objective of the feasibility grant is to provide the necessary information to enable the promoter (and Enterprise Ireland) to reach firm conclusions regarding the project’s viability and set out investor ready plans and financials associated with developing and commercializing the innovative product or service on international markets.

The completed application form must be sent by email to on or before 6:00pm on Tuesday 20th November 2012.  Late applications will not be considered.

More information here.

The Fund is open to applications from the ICT, Industrial, and Food sectors including the following sub-sectors: Internet, Games, SaaS, Cloud Computing, Enterprise Software, Telecoms, Lifesciences, Cleantech, and Industrial Products.