Companies require more confidence to purchase energy efficiency steps

Reports have found that in excess of 50 % of the top 250 companies in britain have released energy efficiency measures at their building but many are concerned that the cost of setting up equipment to reduce their carbon emissions is too expensive.

Market research from Ernst and Young revealed that 71 per cent of the top businesses are preferring to purchase other areas instead of energy efficient equipment such as voltage optimisation units, as they are concerned about costs and the amount of time it may need to recover the money they’ve allocated to an investment.

Over half of businesses have already improved their energy efficiency but just 9 per cent have existing intends to make any extra changes.

Nearly all of the companies who replied said that a considerable rise in energy prices would make them look for ways of lowering their energy consumption and becoming more effective.

Even when your company can’t manage to install new products, there are still lots of energy saving ideas for companies of all sizes to help companies decrease their carbon footprint. Apolloenviro supply environmental consultancy services to aid businesses of any size cut their carbon emissions.

The government CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme makes it more essential than ever for businesses to find ways of becoming more efficient to prevent paying additional costs, so contact Apollo Enviro today to see what they are capable of doing for your business.