Asian economic boost – doing business in China

After writing the other day about entrepreneurship advices from the Philippines, today I found a very interesting review on the Chinese economic growth, which can at least show you a glimpse of what’s really going on. Usually when talking about stock markets, recession, unemployment and stuff, heads turn towards USA or maybe even Europe.

But hold your pants, it seems that the history is written somewhere else this time: China!

Philip Fernando from Asian Tribune, makes an interesting review of the Chinese developments in an article called “Entrepreneurship in Asia, Alive and Kicking“. I’m going to quote a couple of phrases so you can see what we are talking about:

  • “Asian giants China and India have shown colossal economic gains generally considered epochal and almost parallel to what USA went through during period following World War II. “
  • “Several studies by research groups predict that China’s middle class of 100 million would increase to 700 million by 2020.”
  • “China has increased its reliance on domestic spending to an unprecedented level. China’s economy now relies greatly on the internal demand caused by massive doses of investment on power plants, roads, railways as well as consumption of car, clothes, shoes etc.”

Should we start to learn Chinese? Maybe we just should! Here is the rest of the article, read it , if things will continue like this, it will impact even you, maybe not right now, but in the next 10 years or so.