Edited 2nd of September 2007:
I was just thinking the other day, what people do really know about me? I did the “About Cristian Dorobantescu” page in March 2005, and now the “CV-like” look looks childish. Because I did so many things in the last years:

First, I’m a part time entrepreneur living in Bucharest, Romania. My moonlight company, Energybyte that I developed together with 2 partners does Web Design and starting the beginning of 2007 we also have a PR agency spin-off, called in progress.

Later edit: I have exited Energybyte (although I continued to blog on this domain) and now I’m the founder and CEO of Axilus Services – a startup company doing mobile apps.

While I’m not what Yaro Sarak would call a “professional blogger” I do enjoy writing the Small Business Entrepreneur blog, the Entrepreneur interviews blog

I’m also an occasional guest poster on Dane Carlson’s Business Opportunities Weblog and Shawn Hessinger’s Bootstrapme blog.

Besides being an “Internet Junkie”, I’m a great Honda motorcycle fan.