Using Twitter to Promote Your Small Business

After making an important decision on which ecommerce hosting service you will entrust your business to (Shopify ecommerce website specialise in this area), you need to embrace social media such as Twitter to get your message out there.

Twitter will work wonders for your small business, as long as you keep tweets relevant and interesting.


Get a Grip on Twitter

If you’re a first-time user of twitter, get acquainted with Twitter for Business. Learn the ins and outs of how twitter works, why it’s useful and how it can help you achieve your business goals.

It’s such an effective and powerful promotional tool because it’s instant, it’s relevant to your business and it keeps your customers engaged with you.

With a maximum of 140 characters in your tweet, you can speak to your audience and keep them entertained through contests, links, downloads, discounts, and relevant web content.

Be Friendly

Using a serious and heavy business tone in your tweets is not a great idea. It lack’s personality, vitality and can cause serious annoyance issues with your followers.

Keep your language light, friendly and personable. It’s irrelevant what your business sells, whether it’s insurance or venetian blinds – your followers won’t hang around long if you don’t amuse and entice them. Aim to tweet your information in an appealing way.

Don’t speak in the third person (‘Trylex is offering 2 for 1’). Use first person narrative instead (‘we’re giving you 2 for 1 today’).

Use Call-To-Action Tweets

Call your followers to action by sending them tweets that they can’t resist. Use creative phrasing to capture their attention.

CTA’s incite the customer to subscribe, retweet, buy what you’re selling, download or click on a link for example. CTA’s encourage your followers to participate and maintain a relationship with your business.


Exclusivity Wins Loyalty

Offering your followers exclusive discounts and deals only via Twitter will make them feel privileged and special. It’s a win-win situation because they will receive your exclusive offers and you will receive their loyalty.  Additionally, they may retweet your tweet – which will increase your brand awareness amongst other users.


Include Twitter on Your Website

Twitter offers resources such as widgets and tweet buttons that you can place on your website. These will encourage your web customers to keep up to date with the latest information and offers, as well as potentially widening your customer base. Differentiate these buttons from the rest of your page, possibly through the use of vibrant colours.


Create an Interesting Twitter Profile

Twitter followers would have viewed many profiles, so try to make your twitter profile unique and interesting. Customise your profile to reflect your brand in a vibrant and approachable way – one that’s full of personality. Remember that your profile is entirely public, so even non-followers can view it.

The end game is to promote your brand through the heightened engagement and interest of your followers and beyond.