Interviewing the Author of The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur book

In the last days I had the chance to interview Mike Michalowicz, serial entrepreneur and author of the book The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur. We have discussed about starting a business on a bootstrapped model, fear of starting a business and … failure. The book is about the right and wrong ways of building a business of your dreams.  It is all about showing the real side of entrepreneurialism, not just the pretty stuff everyone hears about.  I mean, people wet their pants, when they hear someone has built and sold multi-million dollar companies.  Typically they think it is not possible for them, or they become get envious and a fewaspire.   The thing is envy will stop you before you get out the gate, and aspirations to riches are only good when they are informed.  I wrote the book to make sure people know it is freaking work to build successful companies… but there is a success formula, and it is rooted in mindset, focus and taking actions consistent with that.  It is that simple.  It is that hard.

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Interview with Mike Michalowicz, Author of The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur here.